Christmas without the countdown is like Rudolf without his red nose. It’s a month spent gorging on mince pies and gurgling mulled wine in eager anticipation of the big day. An Epicurean odyssey of sorts, it’s the getting there that counts—one indulgence at a time. As little kids, we learn to count down with advent calendars, opening one cardboard door after another to reveal a chocolate snowman. But Advent is also an aesthetic voyage, celebrated with decorations, trees, and stockings. Why? It helps us to get into the Christmas spirit!

Enter: our art-filled Christmas countdown. Get into the Yule swing with our 2017 advent calendar ‘A Poster a Day’. That’s 24 prints over 24 days to make your home 24-times more beautiful or your nearest and dearest 24-times happier (it’s a time of giving, after all). Christmas spirit guaranteed. Still in need of a bit of help? Well, here are 24 other ways to get you in a merry mood:

1 - Get into the Christmas spirit with Christmas spirits. Cheers!

2 - Take to the great outdoors—snowy scenes and wintry wonderlands await you.

3 - Lure your crush into a situation involving mistletoe.

4 - Consume your bodyweight in Christmas pudding.

5 - Buy a scarf. Cold neck = Scrooge.

6 - Watch Love Actually for the zillionth time. Because in a climate of political uncertainty, we all wish Hugh Grant was PM.

7 - Reach for the port—the older, the better.

8 - Scream a festive anthem at the top of your lungs and LET THEM KNOW IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME!

9 - Discover your inner bookworm—the Victorian period marked the beginning of the Yule tradition we have come to know and love. And nothing captures this zeitgeist better than Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.



10 - Hibernate—there’s nothing better to top off a Christmas dinner than a long lie down.

11 - Secret Santa! Stuck for ideas? What about a beautifully designed planner for 2018?

12 - Inappropriately use the phrase “It’s a Christmas miracle!”—because a bit of trolling is always fun.

13 - Do some good and volunteer! December is a cold month, so why not help at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen?

14 - Wear a kitschy Christmas jumper (Bridget Jones started a knitwear revolution).

15 - Two words: eggnog. OK, so maybe that’s one word. Sorry, we just may have had a drink or two when writing this article. Still, what could be better than a Christmas-sized swig of eggy alcohol.

16 - Go shopping. Let’s face it, as a religious holiday, Christmas has become pretty wishy-washy. But for shopaholics, it’s second to none. So pay a visit to your favourite mall Santa. Or just stay at home in your tracky b’s and shop online.

17 - Fill your home with bizarre Christmas ornaments that a magpie would go mad for: shiny tinsel, glittering baubles, sparkling bunting. Humans are pretty simple beings really, when you think about it.

18 - Go to a traditional Christmas market. In Germany, they know how to do it right. Hop on a plane to Nuremberg and get some Glühwein in you. On a budget? Take the Megabus to Birmingham which boasts an underwhelming replica.

19 - Christmas is about aromas. So go all medieval and get yourself some frankincense and myrrh for an added dose of Crimbo spirit.

20 - Go to see the Christmas lights get turned on in your nearest town centre by whichever Z-list celebrity’s turn it is this year.

21 - Raise a glass—because there’s no shortage of occasions to knock one back in December.

22 - Bake 29875 cookies and eat half of them before they go in the oven. Mmmmm raw cookie dough…

23 - Snowball fight! Yeah, yeah, we know: make love, not war. But snowball fights are an exception.

24 - Go to your nearest indoor ski slope, dress up like Santa, and ride a sleigh. Cool runnings, baby.

And last but not least: Returning to the nest from whence you came. Christmas is a time when we go back to our roots, see old faces and spend time with our families. Because without them, it just wouldn’t be Christmas. So let the countdown begin and get into the Christmas spirit—with a poster a day.


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Text: Nicholas Potter