Amy Sia on the freedom of abstract painting, travelling and the power of Pinterest.

What’s your background? Did you study art or illustration? What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

My background is in fashion design, which I studied at RMIT university in Melbourne Australia. I worked as a designer and also in production for a few companies in Australia, from high-end designers to high-street labels for both women's and children's wear.


How do you conduct your research?

It varies, depending on the project, sometimes I will think about what I’m creating the art for, who it is that will be buying it and what sort of product it will go on, and go from there. I’ll create a mood board with inspirations, sometimes a real life one sometimes a Pinterest board. If I have been to any relevant exhibitions or have any photos on the subject I’ll pull these out also, then it’s time to begin painting!


What work do you most enjoy doing away from work? Does painting feel like work to you?

I probably enjoy painting, shopping and looking at art the most! Painting doesn’t usually feel like work, if I haven’t painted for a while then it does feel difficult to begin with! Away from anything related to work I enjoy travelling, eating out, drinking cocktails and cooking.


You have a huge amount of fans on Social Media, especially Pinterest. Is Pinterest your favourite social network? Why and for what do you like using it and why do you think people love following you?

Pinterest is my favourite! I use it for work and for fun. If I’m looking for inspiration for a new piece or collection I’ll use Pinterest to gather some initial ideas and also to generally keep tabs on things I’ve seen online that I like or might want to reference in the future. I also use it to collect recipes, interior decorating ideas, DIYs I’d like to try etc; it’s become a scrapbook for me, albeit organised and online! Perhaps people like to follow because it is a peak into a designer’s head?

You’ve worked a lot with large fashion brands and retailers. How do you perceive the fashion world (in London or in general)?

I don’t feel quite as involved with the fashion world these days as I don’t work for a label anymore or do as much freelancing, but I always find it fun to take a look at what people are creating. Fashion in London does have a bit of character and quirk, which makes it interesting!


If you could choose to work with one fashion Icon or artist (dead or alive), who would you pick and why?

It would have to be the Belgian designer Dries Van Noten, I love the way he uses print, embroidery and embellishments to create eclectic and beautiful fashion.


What would be your dream project?

I’d love to create a line of dinnerware!


Thanks Amy!