Rome — Poster

by Henry Rivers

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Gallery-quality fine art print with a 1 cm white border. The semi-gloss finish creates a slightly shiny effect.

About the artist

Henry Rivers

Architectural drawing meets the Art Deco travel poster.

Henry Rivers

Illustrator and book cover designer Henry Rivers enjoys a rural life, residing in a small town close to the city of Bordeaux. A junky for places and memorabilia, his sources of inspiration are far away from the picturesque French countryside. He travels the globe and surfs the internet in search of urban destinations. Based on his findings, Rivers then translates his impressions into contemporary, stylish posters using scratchy pen and ink drawings. These he later interprets and re-designs using Photoshop and Illustrator. Perhaps it was his degree in Architecture that awakened his fascination with the contrast in scale between the towering landmarks and playful, little details that animate his posters.