So you’ve settled on a selection of your favourite JUNIQE posters. Congrats! Now comes our challenge to you: Take the plunge beyond sticky tack and expand your sticking style! To give you a head start, we’ve created a little video tutorial featuring five creative ways to arrange your prints. From clipboards to collages, we hope our ideas will inspire you to add your individual flair to your favourite JUNIQE designs.

Which tools are useful to have on hand? A tape measure, spirit level, pencil, glue stick, power strips, scissors, hammer, nails and of course your selection of 6-10 JUNIQE posters. Plus the special bits and pieces that top off each idea. Watch and read on to find out more and get inspired!

1 - String it up

Peg up a row of posters in various sizes up on a piece of wire or strong string.

2 - Clip them down

Fix A4-sized posters to clipboards or hang them on the wall with metallic bulldog clips.

3 - Hook them on hangers

Wooden trouser hangers have more than one function! Clip your prints into them and hook ‘em up on the wall.

4 - Frame them with washi tape

Pick out a few rolls of boldly-patterned tape and get to work creating your own striking poster frames.

5 - Create your own composition

Arrange and attach four to five smaller prints to a piece of thin A2 card.

Text: Joséphine Dusol