Twinkle, twinkle little star…how I wonder where the cutest artworks are. Are you a blessed mum or dad, a proud uncle or aunt? Do your friends have munchkins running around, that jump for joy whenever you walk into the room? If your answer to any of the above was yes, then this collection of will definitely come in handy for you. Some are cute and cuddly, others cool and colourful. Some are dreamy and surreal, others minimalist and simple. Yup, there’s something for everyone.

So, what happens when a renowned fashion illustrator and a blog for modern mamas put their heads together to create something great for kids? You get the sweetest collection of prints that any (little) one could ever dream of. Teaming up for the very first time, German illustrator Kera Till (Vogue, Hermès) and Berlin-based blog Little Years created a series of artworks so sweet, even grownups secretly wish it could go up on their walls (which, by the way it most definitely can!).


The concept? Long-time friends, the lovely ladies had always dreamed of designing a collection together. They wanted to create something that not only their (friends’) kids would love - but would allow them and all other fun grownups to get in touch with their inner child and bring some play into the generally more ‘adult’ themed rooms (kitchen, living rooms etc.).


Aside from their friendship, they share a sweet-spot for style, a love for pretty things and the belief that people should be able to express their taste in design from childhood to adulthood to parenthood and beyond. Their motto? Cute yes, kitsch no: discover the Kera Till X Little Years collection here.


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