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Our Children's Books

At JUNIQE, we make art available to everyone; and that includes even the youngest of art lovers. Our very first collection of children's books artfully combines illustration and storytelling. Fun for the whole family is guaranteed!
Children's book Wildlife of Europe by Amy Hamilton

'Wildlife of Europe' by Amy Hamilton

What do Eurasian lynxes, red squirrels and minke whales have in common? These wild animals call Europe their home! 'Wildlife of Europe' is a beautiful encyclopaedia, where facts and illustrations introduce young readers to the fascinating realms of the animal kingdom.

Amy Hamilton skilfully merges her passion for animals with her delicate drawings, in an exploration of the inhabitants of our streams, forests, fields and beyond.

Girl reading the children's book What Friends Are For by Yetiland

'What Friends Are For' by Yetiland

When Little Fox loses his precious carrot, Yeti and Bunny put their heads together and come to his aid. The three companions set out on an exciting adventure across fields and mountains, in search of the missing snack; from the Old Hollow Oak, to a towering flower, to the magical place where joyfulness flows from a beautiful fountain...

'What Friends Are For' is a tale of love and friendship. Dutch illustrator Yetiland invites children to climb into Madame Owl's hot air balloon and embark on a fantastic journey.

'Sophia Hears Colours' by Daniela Roessler

Sophia is no ordinary dog—she can hear colours, see sounds, feel flowers, taste letters and smell numbers. 'Sophia Hears Colours' is an illustrated story and interactive colouring book by Daniela Roessler, which encourages kids to open up their sense of perception to new possibilities, while inspiring them to create stories of their own.

Follow Sophia on an ordinary day in her extraordinary inner world, and join in the fun by colouring in the pages.

Two girls reading a JUNIQE children's book with animal illustrations

Create a cosy reading corner for kids!

Kids teepee reading corner with cushions and fleece blanket

The perfect place

The key to a cosy reading corner is that it's light and quiet. Choose a spot in the playroom, kid's room or living room with plenty of space to spread out. There should also be sufficient daylight. You can decorate it with fairy lights to make it even more magical!

Colourful cushions on display

Get comfortable

No cosy reading corner is complete without a giant pile of fun, fluffy cushions. Place them on a soft carpet and fly to fantasyland.

Girls sitting on the floor reading a kid's book with animals

Sweet dreams

Reading aloud strengthens the bond between brother and sister, parent and child. A bedtime story is the perfect prequel to dreamland. Crawl into the imaginary temple that is your reading corner, and disappear into a world where beautiful stories come to life. You and your kids will be on cloud nine before you know it.

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