Wall Art Sets

Looking for the perfect match? Discover our handpicked wall art sets, personally selected by our team of curators. Browse by quantity, room, style, arrangement or colour and find the right poster set for you. Creating your own gallery wall has never been easier.


Soft Dreams

from £45.85

Colour Pop

from £41.90

A Colourful Autumn

from £37.90

Callisto Florals

from £78.70

The Blues

from £51.85


from £32.90


from £55.90

Sunshine Collector

from £125.55

Love Your Neighbour

from £69.80

Hanami Cherryflower

from £69.80

Gifted Dreamers

from £79.75


from £36.95

Winter in Martinique

from £74.75

Modern Garden Party

from £97.65

Queen of the Birds

from £79.80

For the Love of Pastels

from £55.85

Deep in the Sea

from £69.80

Lilac Lane

from £64.80

Rainy Summer Day

from £46.85


from £41.85

Days of Spring

from £13.95

Orange Little Rascal

from £60.85

Come Sunshine, Hit Me

from £56.85


from £37.90

Coffee for Ruma

from £18.95

Brush Strokes

from £27.95

Geometric Morning

from £27.95

Golden Palace

from £46.85


from £27.95

Not From Here

from £32.90

Winter Stills

from £55.80

Sky and Brush

from £65.85