18th Birthday Gift Ideas 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

5 unique ideas for the transition into adult life

5 unique ideas for the transition into adult life

Eighteen… The age of leaving the nest, finding your feet and living life to the full. Turning 18 is a milestone that opens so many doors, a time you will never forget.

For many of us this youthful zeal belongs to a bygone era, while others are yet to experience its virtues. Is your nephew, cousin or younger sister about to celebrate their 18th birthday? Take inspiration from our five unique ideas for gifts that will make entering a new chapter an unforgettable experience.

A journey of discovery

Young fledglings often have a desire to escape the daily grind and travel the world. Upon coming of age, they finally have the chance to venture into new territories, immerse themselves in extraordinary landscapes, and get a taste of unfamiliar ways of life. Unfortunately, however, money doesn’t grow on trees. Motivate the soon-to-be adult to save up some travel money by treating them to wanderlust-evoking city posters. Whether it’s the skyline of Shanghai or the boulevards of Paris, you’ll encourage your beneficiary to turn their dreams into reality.

Worshipping idols

A teenager’s sense of curiosity has no limits, and their thirst for learning reaches far beyond what they have learned at school. Role models and celebrities satisfy their hunger for alternative ways of thinking and living. Who happens to be the object of your young acquaintance’s affection? Whether it be David Bowie or Audrey Hepburn, a coveted celebrity in poster form will bring a constant source of admiration to the bedroom of the 18th birthday boy or girl.

Time-management for rookies

Becoming a fully-fledged adult also requires taking on some responsibility—for oneself and for others. Punctuality, professionality and time-planning are the keys to success for any university student, intern or apprentice. Give them a cool planner imprinted with a motivational slogan and they’ll be able to keep track of all their appointments and to-do lists—without getting lost in the fray.

Fostering creativity

18 is also the age at which our imagination is in full flow. During our teenage years, our personality and preferences have already begun to form. We’ve tried out different hobbies and, when we reach a new stage in life, we are presented with various pathways and opportunities. Is your nephew in the school orchestra? Does your colleague’s daughter enjoy going to karate classes? Present them a birthday gift of a sporting, musical or street art style poster that mirrors their passions and pastimes.

The road to independence

Even though 18-year-olds may still be partially reliant on their parents, it truly is the age at which they begin to stand more and more on their own two feet. Now it’s time to let them go their own way – but you can certainly help them on their journey. Write up some nutritious, inexpensive recipe ideas into a culinary notebook for them and they will be much less inclined to reach into the freezer for a ready-made pizza.

Another way you can incentivise him or her to spread their wings is via some subliminal messaging. Treat them to a quirky hanging bicycle or vintage car and they’ll be sure to take the hint. Off they go!

As every 18-year-old is different, it may well be that there are other presents that would be even more suited to his or her special celebration. Explore more of our eclectic present collection to find a unique birthday treat.

Text: Diane Mironesco

Translation: Lucy Woods

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