Whatever the occassion

Stationery is so much more than just paper. A quick look at our range of creative designs reveals a world of funny phrases, whimsical drawings, and mesmerising motifs.

The desire to communicate our feelings is inherent to our human nature. And since the medium is the message, finding the perfect greeting card to wish a friend congratulations or a family member a happy birthday is key. Say it with a charming postcard or heartfelt greeting card—browse our stationery shop and find the perfect match.

Poetry on paper

Even in our digital age, it’s always good to literally put pen to paper. From sketching and doodling to jotting down ideas to scribbling to-do lists, there’s something about the free flow of a nib on the page that stimulates creativity.

Sometimes you need a sheet of paper at the ready when you’re hit with an epiphany. Other times, you need to write down the name of that must-hear band, that cannot-miss series in a hurry. Whatever the situation, cool stationery in the form of a trusty notebook can be a real lifesaver. Adorned with a cover sporting your favourite motif—maybe flowers are your thing—it becomes an indispensable object, an essential to guide you through life.

The best medicine

But stationery can do far more than just provide an outlet for your thoughts or a vehicle for your wishes. It can muster smiles, elicit chuckles, and summon stitches of laughter. As a format, postcards are the perfect medium for silly one-liners, daft designs, or funny messages.

Throw some humorous wrapping paper into the mix and you’ll have them rolling on the floor guffawing next Christmas, birthday, or anniversary.