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At Home with Pixiswelt

At Home with Pixiswelt

Jana Kirchhofer’s many Instagram followers are well-aware of the frequency and enthusiasm with which the Berlin-based kindergarten teacher redesigns her altbau* apartment.

For @pixiswelt she photographs her 65m² flat from every point of view, playing with the colours and accessories that she picks up at local interior design stores, such as “hAusen”, and flea markets.

(*pre-WWII building style, typically with high ceilings, spacious rooms and bay windows)

“From time to time I develop a real urge to transform my home. Sometimes, this means making big changes. Last year, for example, my living room was decorated predominantly in white and natural tones.”

Our photo team had the chance to pay a visit and explore Jana’s beautifully-decorated two-bedroom flat. Following this, our curators helped her redesign her living room and bedroom walls.

Modern, abstract act combined with personal photos – the perfect foundation for a truly one-of-a-kind interior design concept. Jana was particularly delighted with 'Desire 2' by LouLou Avenue, which has made itself at home in her bedroom.

“My favourite print is the huge face in my bedroom. It fits in perfectly and creates a very impressive impact, mainly owing to its size. It’s great that just a few seemingly simple lines can have such an effect.”

We are equally pleased with the results and are excited to hear about how everything will change again in this charming abode in the future.

Thanks, Jana!

Text: Ina Schulze

Translation: Lucy Woods