A Guide to Wrapping Your Christmas Gifts A Guide to Wrapping Your Christmas Gifts

Choosing the perfect gift wrap and more

Choosing the perfect gift wrap and more

As with many things in life, it’s all about first impressions when it comes to gifting. In the age of Instagram, we can’t help but take snapshots and stories of our presents as they accumulate under the Christmas tree. The more eye-catching the wrapping paper, the more excited we are to share it with others and finally discover what’s inside.

With our original wrapping tips, we invite you to use your imagination to create gifts that will stand out from the crowd and make your loved ones’ Christmas so special.

1. Coordinate your gift wrap with your loved ones’ interests

If you really want to tick all the boxes, make sure to find wrapping paper and Christmas cards that match your friends’ and family members’ passions and pastimes:

  • For someone who loves the finer things in life—think wining, dining, theatre and more—you can couple elegant marble wrapping paper with an abstract fine art card. Simple and sophisticated, just like them.
  • If you’re seeking to impress a lover of the outdoors, turn their gift into an evergreen paradise by layering forest wrapping paper and earthy-coloured ribbons, before topping it off with an adorable deer Christmas card.
  • And for the fashionistas out there—leopard print is the new black! Whether they love their furry winter coat or panther PJs, you’ll definitely bring out a smile by using this leopard gift wrap. Add a couture-themed card and you’ll keep their Christmas super on-trend.

2. Mix and match patterns to really stand out

If you’re giving someone a collection of little treats rather than one big present, you can use wrapping paper with a different pattern for each gift. To achieve the perfect combination, pick a theme or colour scheme:

  • Combine textured green leaves with Nordic nature motifs for a finish that’s both tasteful and playful. Scandi and wabi-sabi fans will be in their element.
  • Christmas is a time to sparkle, right? So turn the colour gold into the leitmotiv of your presents. For this we propose the designs of Elisabeth Fredriksson, whose golden-trimmed wrapping paper and postcards are a match made in heaven.
  • Even traditional wrapping doesn’t have blend into the background. Encase one little treat in a pine trees design, another in a paper coating of Christmas holly, and throw in a classic Christmas card for the icing on the cake.

3. Disguise the contents to guarantee a surprise

You can easily wrap gifts like books and rectangular prints in the conventional way, i.e. in the exact shape of what’s inside. When it comes to the likes of more unconventionally shaped gifts, such as plants or festive mugs, try wrapping them more loosely, for example by using the paper to make a gift bag or envelope.

4. Add wow-factor with handpicked embellishments

Who said less is necessarily more? The whole essence of Christmas is extravagance and over-indulgence! This means flamboyant finishing touches are more than acceptable. We’d recommend attaching some festive trinkets such as a pine cone, eucalyptus branch or a little homemade bauble.

Voilà, now you’re ready to put your ideas into practice and become a true #wrapstar. With the right wrapping paper, a coordinated season’s greetings card, and a lovely decorative trinket, your Christmas presents will no doubt go down a treat.

Text: Laura Veneklaas

Translation: Lucy Woods