Quiz: Discover the Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers Quiz: Discover the Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

From hip mugs to handy notebooks, we’ve got their coffee breaks in the bag

From hip mugs to handy notebooks, we’ve got their coffee breaks in the bag

We all know someone who can’t live without coffee, whether for its delicious flavour, its energising effect—or both!

Looking for a present to please your coffee-loving amigo, or for the perfect accessory to your own java addiction? With the following quiz, you can find out which wall art and home accessories best fit your, or their, caffeine style. It’s as easy as a, b, c...!

1. How do they prefer to drink coffee?

a) Light with foam and sprinkles on top

b) As a cold brew served in a mason jar

c) Easy—as strong as it gets!

2. How many cups do they have a day?

a) One at breakfast and another after lunch

b) It’s quality, not quantity...!

c) A top up every hour or two

3. Where’s their favourite coffee haunt?

a) The one that’s everywhere...Caffe... Hero?

b) Only “spaces” that look like laboratories

c) Anywhere and everywhere!

4. Are they also partial to a cup of tea?

a) Oh yes, cheating on coffee is allowed

b) Maybe an occasional chai latte...

c) Not really. Coffee is life!

5. Should coffee be mixed with other things?

a) A good ol’ mocha, why not!

b) No. Coffee is sacred.

c) Maybe a shot of liquor…?

6. Finally, if you surprised them to a cup of coffee, how would they react?

a) A friendly hug

b) Questions like “What roast is this?”

c) They’d simply drink it!

The Easygoing A

The Easygoing A isn’t hard to please; a cappuccino, latte or americano will do the trick! Morning or afternoon, drinking coffee provides them a vital opportunity for mulling over their thoughts before returning to the daily grind. Prints that would suit them? We’d say this ‘Coffee Time’ planner by Headless, which embodies the Easygoing A’s approach to caffeinating—that is, taking their time to absorb the coffee’s warmth and breathe in its delicious aroma. Just like with their coffee, the Easygoing A is a no-fuss kind of person when it comes to relationships with others. There’s nothing that can’t be resolved by a calm conversation over a cup of cappuccino! So treat them to this feel-good poster by KRUTH DESIGN: ‘Coffee is always a good idea’.

The Budding B-Barista

The Budding Barista is very specific about how they take their coffee. Pay a visit to their home and you’ll find them busy making espresso cortados in their own moka pot, with coffee and milk quantities measured to perfection. Head out for a cuppa with them (no coffee chains, please) and they’ll have already started elaborating their order in their head before you even reach the counter! So pay heed to all this time, effort and consideration in your gifting—we propose the intricate ‘Coffee Pot’ design by Stanley Print House. Another print destined for the Budding Barista is ‘Café Berlin’ by Anja Hebrank Photography; with its jaunty reflections and independent coffee shop vibe, it just breathes your friend’s effortless cool. Imagine them chilling on the terrace with a novel in one hand and a mason jar in the other!

The ProCCCaffeinator

The Procaffeinator can never get enough of the stuff! They love the energy boost that a black coffee gives them, whether trying to wake up in the morning or to finish some work in good time. Their ideal gift? Something that can accompany them on their coffee breaks all day, every day....A coffee-themed mug, of course! Take this design from Sinan Saydik’s Mottos collection, ‘Make coffee not war’. In our eyes, it perfectly represents the Procaffeinator’s philosophy of life—that drinking coffee makes the world a better place, both in terms of productivity and making peace. Plus, you can their heart racing even more with The Motivated Type’s ‘Procaffeinating’ poster: black like their preferred coffee, and a literal depiction of their mantra of ‘caffeinating for concentration’. Because who needs sleep!

Thirsty for more inspiration? Explore our diverse range of delectable coffee-themed prints.

A side note: if your special someone swears instead by their love for darjeeling and earl grey, then surely the following posters would be more their cup of tea…