Before x After: Instagram Living Rooms Transformed by Art Before x After: Instagram Living Rooms Transformed by Art

Learn how to reimagine your interior into an urban jungle & more

Learn how to reimagine your interior into an urban jungle & more

Those of you who follow us on Instagram will be well-aware of how talented the #juniqe community is at redecorating their homes. They really nail it with each and every detail, creating bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms that are as stylish as they are individual.

So take inspiration from the pros and learn how four savvy Instagrammers transformed their living rooms with wall art.

A breath of fresh air

Plants, wood, and pure white are the holy trinity to @marelledecodesign’s living room. Drawing from her interior design expertise, Marion Gavallet followed the ever-popular boho-chic trend to achieve a space that’s calm and cohesive, yet bursting with life. Selected with care, each piece of her décor works to blend in and stand out at the same time—like her 1950s-style bureau with its unusually curved edges. What’s more, Marion figured the onset of summer was a more than fitting occasion to let some nature bloom in her living room; hence the additions of seashells, eucalyptus and feel-good framed prints.

As Marion says, “everything in an interior should have personal meaning to it, a degree of sentimental value—as do our décor pieces that bring back memories and make us feel at home”. True to this philosophy, Marion followed her emotions when choosing the wall art for her living room. While ‘Heart You’ represents her love for her partner, ‘Gary’ reminds her of design techniques she learned during her formative years. Finally, given its juxtaposition of light and shade, ‘Lisa 2’ makes reference to all those sweet summers spent relaxing under the sun. The overall vibe of Marion’s boho-chic living room? Fresh, serene and oh-so-unique.

A lush urban jungle

If Bojoura (aka @mooiibo) could give one word of advice, it’d be to “bring more colour into your life by painting your walls, hanging up colourful prints and brightening up your furniture. It’s the perfect way to give your home that added charm”. How Bojoura does this in her living room? By combining bold blocks of green paint with an abundance of vegetation. This, alongside the wicker basket and wooden deer’s head, makes us feel as though we were taking an expedition through the woodlands and beyond...

Bojoura’s décor also harks to the rich rainforests of the equatorial tropics. How? Take her choice of parrot print, for example. Playful, exotic and bright, ‘Birds of Paradise 01’ only needs glancing at to evoke the sound of chattering monkeys and twittering parakeets. When asked about her living room wall art, Bojoura told us: “I love animals! Both in my life in general and on my walls, because they allow me to get closer to nature. I fell for these green parrots straight away, and it was a real coincidence that they matched the colour of the rest of my décor”. Just like her, our hearts have been won over—by this lushest of Instagram living rooms.

Minimalist modernism

What makes this living room so one-of-a-kind is its fusion of Scandi-style minimalism with industrial design. It’s the handicraft of Dutch décor enthusiast Marjolein Bouhuijzen who, in addition to working for Hema, runs her own design blog Mints and an inspiring Instagram feed @marjoleinbouhuijzen. Both of these gave us a fascinating insight into her decorating process. As we learned, Marjolein resolved to balance out her industrial concrete floor and factory-style doors with sleek line drawings and succulent house plants—including a fiddle-leaf fig and zig zag cactus.

Marjolein explains that she chose the motifs ‘Portofino’ and ‘Silhouettino’ because “a successful interior is one that is simple, yet also eye-catching”. She added, “the minimalist nature of these Scandi-style artworks complements our décor perfectly. We also went for ‘G’ by Marina Guiu as it’s the first letter of our surname and so really makes our living room our own”. All in all, Marjolein’s selection of colours and graphic prints results in an all-round sophisticated and original style.

A sunny space for all the family

What attracts us to this living room? It has to the uplifting ambience created by @everyve’s colour palette: peach pink, pure white and natural wood. A skilled interior designer, Yve decided to complete this soothing feel with a carefully-selected gallery wall—comprising ‘Flowergirl III’, ‘Love Catching’ and ‘Mom’. “I love these illustrations and find them both calming and invigorating at the same time. The warm colours come together so well, forming a most harmonious arrangement”. As we see it, Yve’s living room prints tell a heartwarming story of the fond memories and everyday experiences that she shares with her family.

Yve also confessed that she’s a little scared of committing to one particular décor style for her home. “I like to change things up and try out new ideas. That’s why I prefer to focus on refining the little things like cushions, plants and posters”. In our eyes, it’s this attention to detail—from soft tones to cosy furnishings—that makes Yve’s interior so inviting. We’re curious to see what the future holds for the (re)decoration of her family home.

You’re bound to have caught the decorating bug, so go ahead and take inspiration from these living room makeovers. And when you’re done, we’d love to see the results—share them with us on Instagram via #juniqe.

Text: Caroline Lacaille

Translation: Lucy Woods