As the long, dark days of winter fade into a distant memory, spring once again shines through Anne Dirfard’s large windows. The German interior consultant and blogger lives in Hamburg with her husband and two children in a stunning, 5-bedroom flat. We paid her a visit and exchanged insights and tips on the art of impeccable décor.

Anne’s fans follow her decorating endeavours via her blog and Instagram account @170qm. To provide you with impulses for the endless possibilities for seasonal décor, our curators selected a fresh palette of prints for her space.

Stepping into Anna’s apartment, we were greeted by rays of morning sun. As the light danced across her soft-hued furniture, natural textiles, pastel wall art, and freshly cut flowers, we couldn’t help but notice the sense of composure and comfort emanating from every room. We immediately felt at home.

Room for ideas

Idyllic countryside or concrete jungle? In the summer of 2016, the Dirfard family set foot in an apartment that was everything they had ever dreamed of and more—it looked as though their laborious house hunt had finally paid off. Anne’s young daughter was eager to share her excitement with the real estate agent, exclaiming ‘I’d love to live here!’. Less than 24 hours later, a phone call confirmed what they’d hoped for: “Ms. Dirfard, you can tell your daughter that I’ve got her keys.” Thrilled to have found a piece of urban paradise, they decided to stay in Hamburg.

The family’s immediate attraction to the residence has long been reaffirmed. Almost two years later, the generous apartment is both a stimulating workspace for Anne and a cosy home for the entire family. Though she admits to enjoying a bit of peace and quiet while she works on her blog, her heart is happiest when her family is around. “We love using our dining table for board games and craft projects, and we savour the moments when we can turn on some music and enjoy a glass of wine with friends. Some our fondest memories are from times together spent around the table.”

My dining table isn’t laden with decorative pumpkins in autumn, nor will porcelain bunnies find their way into my home at Easter.

Forever spring

Anne does her best to avoid investing in short-lived décor. In March, for example, she carefully chooses pieces that can stay propped up on her surfaces and hanging up on her walls all through summer. With this in mind, our curators selected an everlasting set of abstract prints for her sideboard. Though some might say that the washed out blue hues and powder pinks in Mareike Böhmer’s and Iris Lenhardt’s designs remind them of winter as it melts into spring, the artworks’ timeless spirit makes them suitable all year round.

Décor tip: Minimal, pale-hued furnishings are best accentuated with subtle splashes of colour. To achieve this, rely on brush strokes, geometric shapes, and other deconstructed forms when choosing wall art.

Shop abstract art

It’s incredible how the atmosphere in our apartment changes when the sun comes out.

Let in the sunlight

In winter, Anne creates a homely atmosphere with the help of candles and fairy lights. Come spring, natural daylight floods her apartment and the trees outside her ceiling-high windows breathe life into her space. Our curators chose a gallery wall in rosé and apricot shades to bring about a delicate air of harmony.


Décor tip: If your walls and furniture are predominantly white, try and maintain the bright atmosphere by pairing them with pastel posters. The light combination will naturally reflect any incoming sunlight, thereby making the room appear bigger. That said, large sofas are the perfect playground for colourful cushions. Spring-themed or not, these are easily interchangeable depending on your mood or the season.

Discover pastel gallery walls for spring 

I could never live in a space that’s decorated with exclusively with furniture from a single collection.

Get the most out of the mix

Anne furnished her entire apartment with a meticulous mix of Scandinavian design and antiques. Take the colourful collection of chairs around her dining table, for example: these eye-catching, hand-picked pieces each bring a nostalgic feel to the space. Through the eyes of our curators, the chairs’ contrast with the dark grey wall of Anne’s dining room provides the perfect backdrop for fruit-themed still lifes in bold colours.

Décor tip: Eager to bring a pop of colour into your monochrome home? If your walls, furniture, and home textiles are all kept, for the most part, in muted colour-schemes, don’t feel the need to hold back in the art department. Warmer seasons call for warmer colours—prints that go pop are an excellent way to refresh your entire décor concept from the bottom up.


With spring at our doorstep, classic decorators are quick to whip out a flurry of floral wall art. Who says we have to wait for April showers to bring May flowers? Transform your home into your very own Garden of Eden and, before you know it, both your home and your balcony will be in full bloom.

Spring please!

Text: Valeria Sambale

Translation: Maia Frazier