Practical and good-looking

There's something super satisfying about turning over a new leaf every month—literally speaking. Whether you want to keep an overview of what each family member is doing, or just have a handy reference to the weeks and months ahead, our artistic wall calendars for 2019 make time tracking not only convenient, but aesthetically pleasing.

And if you’re looking for something with more space to write in, take a look at our collection of personal planners. They're perfect for turning the organisation of your day-to-day routine into an art form.

Perfect your project planning

Big holiday to plan? Or maybe there’s an ongoing project that needs keeping track of. When it comes to staying on top of deadlines, sometimes it’s handy to have an overview of more than one week at a time.

The fun, monthly wall calendars in our hand-picked range are here to help turn life admin into a pleasure. We’ve taken our favourite art prints—from culinary delights to breathtaking landscapes—and transformed them into a handy planning tool that will brighten up any wall. Now, what’s next on your horizon?

12 gifts in one

Your best friend has a penchant for fashion? Your colleague an endless love for monochrome? Our annual calendars allow you to indulge the ones you love with fresh inspiration. 12 artworks are wrapped into one, making them a great gift idea—not only for the stationery geeks and planning experts in your life.

Pre-mark them with a few important occasions in the year to highlight the moments that matter to you, wrap them up in a roll of paper from our printed gift wrap and prepare to be thanked profusely.