Instagram Bedrooms: What’s En Vogue? Instagram Bedrooms: What’s En Vogue?

Follow the trends with boho-chic, green & monochrome décor

Follow the trends with boho-chic, green & monochrome décor

This year, bohemian décor, serene greens and monochrome interiors are all the rage. Are you keen to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and gather some redecorating ideas? Check out the crème de la crème of the #juniqe community’s bedrooms.

Channel your wild side with boho-chic flair

In the world of interiors, bohemianism is inherently eclectic and full of character. Rooted in non-conformism, boho-chic styling allows you to travel through time and space so you can artfully piece together an array of aesthetics—think myriad colours, textures, patterns and materials.

On Instagram, @lisanvdenberg’s bedroom masters this to a T. Her tribal-print pillows remind us of faraway lands, while her dreamcatcher and fairytale-like wall art evoke a sense of fantasy and spirituality. These elements strike a perfect balance alongside the sleek design of her bed frame and her impeccably white sheets.

On the flip side, @jeannetsnt’s room proves that you can just as easily add a modern, boho-chic twist to your bedroom by juxtaposing contemporary art with vintage furnishings. In our eyes, Victoria Verbaan’s elegant female torso and Peytil’s abstract line drawing complement the curves of the vintage chest of drawers wonderfully.

If, like @renilolsman, you’re more one for swimming against the tide, you can always add a risqué, witty touch to your boho bedroom by opting for a tongue-in-cheek print like Nietzsche by Fists et Lettres.

Nurture nature with shades of green

Two paint colours are dominating the world of interior trends this year—“Night Watch Green” by PPG Paints and “In the Moment” by Behr. While Night Watch resembles the richness of teal, the latter is a more refreshing, mintier shade of green. They’re both said to represent the inner peace that every urbanite yearns for—achieved by fleeing the hustle and bustle of our concrete jungles and retreating to the countryside.

In the spirit of fostering a more mindful environment in the bedroom, we especially like @annadagar’s choice of a dreamy Sofia Bonati print, which has both highlights of In the Moment and subtle undertones of Night Watch. Like a couple waltzing through the woods, these two trending green hues can share space in complete harmony.

Harmony is also the leitmotiv of @atelierpandb’s bedroom décor; she pairs her adorable potted succulents perfectly with the green tones of the Hogwarts Express print.

Not one for cultivating cacti? Then take a leaf from @lifeinthebreezyacres’s book and contrast a dark Night Watch wall with bright mustard cushions which—along with the Rise and Shine print—reminds us of bright yellow rays of sunlight peeking through the treetops...

Play it cool with monochrome

Be it top tunes from the 80s or your failsafe little black dress, sometimes it’s best to go for the classics. In the context of the home, monochrome colour schemes epitomise this mantra. Both dark and light, and effortlessly cool, bedroom wall art in black and white allows for infinite possibilities in the realm of aesthetic styles.

As shown by @joleenaknows, everything from leafy motifs to monochrome portraits, such as All Eyes On Me, can be mixed and matched with ease. 

@gelixr’s bedroom is also characterised by contrasting combinations—a bold reference to Friends alongside intricate urban cartography, which go together as yin does with yang.

The versatility of monochrome art means that it’s ideal for experimenting. @njemoors’s black bedroom wall proves that a blank canvas doesn’t have to be white. And her leaning wall art, a line drawing by Quibe and a Johnny Cash quote, emanate that effortless coolness for which monochrome décor is so widely loved.

Feeling motivated by these Instagrammers’ wall art ideas for the bedroom? To share your own creations with us, simply tag us on Instagram via #juniqe—because nothing inspires us like the sight of our artworks as they come to life on your walls.

Text: Lucy Woods