Whether we’re courageous as a lion or curious as a cat, we often look to the animal kingdom when describing our traits. We find our very own characteristics nestled away among Mother Nature’s beautiful creatures. We personify birds of paradise and beasts of prey, anthropomorphising them to reveal the essence of our nature, recognising our very selves in the vastness of the natural world.

Take a walk on the wild side and channel your animalistic personality with our favourite animal art and hang an homage to your inner self. It’s time to let your personality roar!

Pretty as a peacock

Peacocks like to stand out from the crowd, strut their stuff and aren’t ones to turn down a little attention. Ring a bell? You’re elegant, confident and perhaps a little vain—and why shouldn’t you be, with feathers as majestic as yours. You have a positive personality and are also a bit of a flirt—the life and soul of any party. Maybe that’s how the peacock earned the nickname disco turkey? Show your beauty to the world and display your magnificence with pretty peacock art.

Observant as an owl

Known collectively as a parliament of owls, their wise omniscience aligns harmoniously with your intelligent nature. Quiet and observant, they take swift flight, swooshing through the night to stealthily hunt their prey. This resonates with your can-do attitude and drive to grab life by the proverbial horns. You share a perceptive eye for detail with our hooting friends and are also very much a creature of the night. Adorn your nest with enlightened owl art.

Fantastic as a fox

Cunning, crafty and just maybe a tad sneaky, foxes are charming creatures. Your quick wits and inquisitive nature are perfectly reflected in this fiery, red wonder. Subtle and inconspicuous, you’re more brains than brawn. A homely person, you like to keep your den in check—neat, organised and warm. Beautify your burrow with fancy fox prints.

Flamboyant as a flamingo

Vibrant and vivacious, flamingos have a louder-than-life personality that is as exotic as it is enticing. A perfect match to your marvellously extravagant and unashamedly flamboyant nature—you are always in tune with the hottest trends, after all. And just as flamingos like to flamenco, you’re not one to shy away from the dance floor. Show it loud and proud with flamingo prints for your flashy home.

Passionate as a penguin

Penguins are tough cookies—resilient, adaptable, but loving. They brave conditions that no other could survive. Their secret? A big, warm heart. Your commitment and faithfulness are wonderfully captured by this little, flightless bird—monogamous creatures, their devotion and loyalty are rarely matched in the animal world. Warm up your igloo with adorable penguin art that makes your heart melt.

The animal kingdom is as complex and diverse as our differing personalities, its inhabitants as unique. An aesthetic safari awaits you, a voyage of beasts, birds, critters and creatures. Discover your very own personal totem and channel your inner animal.

Go wild

Text: Nicholas Potter