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Wo(man) down

It’s sniffle season and your bezzie, hubby or first mate is feeling under the weather. Maybe even out for the count! Sounds like time for a get well soon card or gift. Because when we’re feeling vulnerable is when we need love the most.

Send them a card summoning all the positive healing energy of the universe. And why not give them something for their living room aka contamination chamber? A nice, warm fleece blanket to cocoon themselves in, for instance. Or a cushion cuddle partner for the sofa until they’re on their feet again.

Sorry cards – like get out of jail free cards but real

Nobody’s perfect. And that just might possibly include you too. While that can be hard to admit, the internet handily has an acronym ready: TIFU – Today I F*cked Up. From overfeeding their goldfish, to overwatering their plants—say sorry with a card. Because we don’t know what you did, but you might just need to beg for forgiveness. Cue: apology cards.

With witty texts and adorable animals, we’re sure you can win the person in question over again. You can’t be mad at a panda. Fact.

When the shit hits the fan

Something bad has happened. Truly terrible. But as the ancient French proverb goes: c’est la vie. So it’s time to roll with the punches and hit the ground running. Show your solidarity and support to those special souls in your life. Chin up, my dear friend—a “thinking of you” card is on its way.

Whether it's your best friend or boyfriend, help them turn that frown upside down with a message of support and encouragement. Because people disappoint, but pizza is eternal.